Australias best priced kettlebells

Now that Kettlebells were part of the training arsenal, it was hard to go back to conventional training methods. The only thing is, Kettlebells were so damn expensive to buy because one company monopolised the market.

This is where Kettlebell Kingdom was born. I quickly sussed out the situation and realized that the sole provider of Kettlebells in Australia was over charging people. I went straight to the manufacturers and also found out he was charging for an inferior product. I could get the same Kettlebells from the same manufacturer in a better quality, sell them and still offer tremendous savings to customers and run a business.

Kettlebell Kingdom was established with the sole purpose of providing the average trainee through to the professional athlete the competitive edge in performance whilst also providing a competitive edge in pricing. Basically more bang for your buck and as our motto says

“Get the unfair advantage at the fair price”.

We believe that performance enhancing Kettlebells as 'exotic' and 'magical' as they may or may not be, no matter how heavily marketed should not be accompanied by outrageously expensive pricing.

Our solution is to offer excellent quality Kettlebells at Australia's best prices. We also offer exceptional service, feedback and support free of charge!

You will find cheaper 'kettlebells' but not all kettlebells are created equal. We have full confidence that our product being the strongest you can buy will also be the least expensive.

You can read more about what differentiates kettlebells here.

Our aim is to always offer up to date products at significantly reduced prices.

We don’t stop at Kettlebells.

We are Australia’s leading provider of Weight vests. Our vests are the bestselling vests in Australia. We offer a 10 kg, 20kg or 30kg weight vest package and our clients love us for that. Read more about our other products here.