Australias most comfortable Weight Vest

Not all weight vests are created equal. We have taken our time at Kettlebell Kingdom to ensure that when you buy a weight vest from us, you are not only getting one of the most versatile weight vests, but one of the most comfortable weight vests available, PERIOD!!

The shoulders are custom designed and padded. Wear our weight vest and you immediately notice how the weight is evenly distributed across the shoulders without any pain.

Unlike back packs or other weight vests, the shoulder pads do not cut into your skin.

Our weight vests are also designed perfectly to fit around your arms and arm pits. No obstruction or interference in movements. With our weight vest on you can go for a casual stroll, hard paced sprints, perform body weight exercises or enjoy wearing it as part of your sporting activity for that extra challenge.

Whatever you choose, rest assured our weight vests will not obstruct your movements.

Our weight vests comfortably strap around your waist. The strap is fully adjustable and has multiple methods of adjustments.

Our weight vests will comfortably fit a lean and small female or a large and robust male. One size fits all. No need for buying separate weight vests.

Since our weight vests have individual compartment slots for inserting weights, they can be adjusted in weight to suit any exercise level. Not only that but the weight vest has 15 individual slots on the front and 15 on the back allowing for an even distribution of weight which alleviates back pain and further adds to comfort.

No more pinched nerves with a Kettlebell Kingdom Weight vest.

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