Australias most versatile Weight Vest

Kettlebell Kingdom sells the most versatile weight vests in Australia.

Our weight vests are not limited like most weight vests on the market. They are not limited to one weight.

Our weight vests can be varied from 0 to 30 kilograms and that’s how it should be!

Why should you buy a weight vest that is limited to one weight only? Most weight vests on the market have pre-sewn sand satchels inside the weight vest.

This makes for an inferior product. Kettlebell Kingdom weight vests have 30 individual weight slots.

Each slot allows for a 1 kilogram iron block. The weight vest has 15 slots on the front and 15 slots on the back.

Unlike back packs and inferior weight vests, you can balance the weight between the front and the back so as to alleviate your spine from any damage.

Simply undo the strong Velcro flap, insert your desired weight into the vest, cover the blocks back up with the Velcro flap and slip on the weight vest.

You won’t need to buy 2 or 3 weight vests to have at your disposal. One size fits all and is fully adjustable.

You won’t feel any discomfort from our weight vests either. Click here to find out about the most comfortable weight vest in Australia


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