Weight Vests

Kettlebell Kingdom is Australia's leading supplier of weight vests.

Despite also being Australia's best priced Kettlebell seller, we also stock a range of other products and our number one seller in those products is the Weight Vest.

Available in 10, 20 or 30 kg choices the answer is simple why our vests are leading the market in Australia.

1. Our price will not be beaten.

You can find many other vests, designs, brands and perhaps lower prices but Australia's choice of Weight vest remains from Kettlebell Kingdom.

People like the Australian Army, Police anti riot squad officers, Crossfit trainees, Australian environment protection groups and more would not choose us as their number one supplier if they didn't trust in our products.

By far the highest quality and best value for money weight vest available in Australia. Don't pay double the price for same or inferior products.


2. Our weight vests are one size fits all.

You could weight up to 140kg + or only  60kg and this vest will adjust to your comfort level. Comes with adjustable straps with very strong velcro and clips to suit your comfort.

Shoulders are padded and the vest is not constrictive in any way around the arms.

3. Our weight vests are adjustable

You can have as little as 1/2 a kilogram all the way up to 30kg and anything in between. The vests come with individual iron blocks which you can slot into the vest and distribute evenly.

4. Our weight vests have iron blocks included

Don't give your hard earned money over to someone selling you a sand filled vest. Eventually they will tear and ruin and you'll have to buy another weight vest.

Our vests have individual iron blocks not sand packets nor are they prefilled to only be one weight

You have the choice of raising or lowering the weight to your comfort and have the peace of mind knowing the weight vest not only is ultra tough but has iron blocks to last a lifetime.

5. Safe for your back

Our weight vests have 15 individual compartments on the front and 15 on the rear allowing for even distribution of weight. You no longer have to suffer back pain as you place equal weight both on the front and rear of the weight vest and use it with a neutral spine.


We can carry on and on about our weight vests but we're sure you get the picture. We sold thousands of these vests in the last 4 years and never had a return. All our customers absolutely love them!

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