Who we are

Why Kettlebell Kingdom began.

Many ask us how and when we began Kettlebell Kingdom.

Like many people, Kettlebells weren't always our primary training method but kettlebells quickly became our staple.

It was tiring working out so hard at the kick boxing gym with pad work, bag work, technique work, sparring, running and then after all that having to work out at another gym and improve strength and speed through various weight training methods.

I couldn’t keep up being a full time husband, father, working 2 jobs and still trying to fit in training to be successful enough and not get my head knocked off. There had to be an easier way. A way which I could save time and condense my training so that it was more effective.

Enter Kettlebells!

I discovered this odd shaped object driven by a desire to cut my work out time down and yet still have enough of a training effect to improve my sports performance.

Kettlebells helped my performance in the sports of choice namely was Kick boxing, Muay Thai to be exact but also various other sports like Boxing, MMA and Jui Jitsu.

I bought my own set of Kettlebells and was hooked. Now I could do all my kick boxing training and then get my endurance, speed, strength, power and explosive training in as little as a 30 minute additional work out using Kettlebells.

Best of all the work out kept me refreshed and energized rather than drained and fatigued. I took to kettlebells like a fish to water and quickly made them a staple part of my training. I also soared through my opponents eventually becoming a top 3 nationally ranked fighter in both the heavyweight and super heavyweight divisions.


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