Why our Kettlebells are superior

Not all Kettlebells are created equal!

We hear many horror stories and receive many inquiries about our Kettlebells.

Some of which include:

"I can buy kettlebells cheaper, how can you claim to be Australia's best priced Kettlebell store"


"Why are your Kettlebells better"

The fact of the matter is not all Kettlebells are the same.

Kettlebells were traditionally made in one fashion. That is, a mold was made, iron poured into the mould and then the kettlebells was formed after baking at a very high temperature in an oven. The mould was removed and the remaining kettlebell was then passed on to the consumer.

The only problem with this method is that reports of broken handles were a common experience with trainees.

If you're a personal trainer then this is a OH&S nightmare. The last thing you want is the ball part of the Kettlebell in full flight above your clients head or falling off during training, possibly injuring your client or yourself.

Our solution to this was to only buy the better quality Kettlebell, that is the steel handled Kettlebells.

How do they differ from traditional Kettlebells?

Firstly, a Steel handle is formed according to the size of the Kettlebell. The handle is longer than what is visible on the outside of the kettlebell. The handle  is placed into the mold.

Iron is then poured over the handle thus allowing the handle to be covered with iron. The longer part, the ends of the handle are thus embedded deep into the ball of the kettlebell. They are also embedded in at an angle. Once the mold is furnaced the handle will never be able to be pulled out of the kettlebell.

The finish on these types of kettlebells is not as glossy and 'pretty' as straight cast iron kettlebells but they are far superior in quality, strength and not to mention safer.

Despite the process of manufacture being more expensive, we still sell our kettlebells much cheaper than competitors.

So don't pay premium price for your kettlebells when you can get them from Kettlebell Kingdom in a better quality at a better price